Oily skin care regimen

For oily skin daily care is very vital as due to release of extra oils the skin is prone to catch acne as oil attract dust and bacteria on skin. You should use good face wash which can remove extra surface oils and purify skin pores. Better go with gel based face wash.
Next step is toning. Toning is very important as cleansers open pores and toner close pores again and prep skin for moisturierisation. After that use moisturizer.

Prepping skin for makeup and selecting right product

For glowy makeup it’s very important to take care of skin on daily basis. Cleanse tone and moisturise the skin well with right kind of moisturizer based on your skin type.

For dry skin you should select moisturizers like Clinique, Bobbi brown, they are very good and the results are amazing once you use it before makeup.

For oily skin you can use any gel based moisturizer.

For combination skin you need to be very choosy and have to test on your skin that which one is suiting you as combination skin is sensitive and acne prone so moisturizers like Cetaphil and sebamed are good as they contain salicylic acid which is good for taking acne bacteria

So gals go and grab your one…

Janmashtmi diva look

For this gala look for today’s Janmashtmi. My style code is:

Matka silk saree
Tussar silk blouse

Prep skin with good moisturizer
Apply primer like Mac or Estee lauder
Apply foundation with good brush. You may select Mac brushes if wanna go with affordable segment, u may select various brands like pac.

Blend it properly until it becomes your second skin

Apply compact powder by brush or sponge

Countour your face, I will put tutorial for countour as well soon. But on request

Apply blush, peachy is a good choice

Apply highlighter on the top notch areas of ur face which u wanna focus on

Do eye makeup, tutorial on request

Put matte 💄

And Janmashtmi diva is ready…