Magical makeup tips for Ageing eyes

Eyes are the first and bold feature on your face. Sharing Magical makeup tips for seeing eyes. Ageing is a natural process but when we have the power of makeup then why to worry.

Usually most of us neglect the eyes texture and the fine lines around our eyes. Some common problems around eye area are:

Saggy skin around

Fine lines

Droopy eyelids

Under eye bags

Dark circles

Textured skinny bumps on eyelids

Today I am sharing some do’s and don’t s for ageing eyes makeup.


Using powder eyeshadow

Mattifying skin around eyes

Applying droopy eyeliner


1. Moisturise and hydrate skin around eyes

Missing the proper hydration around eyes will give a tired looking effect on eyes. Eyes are focussed and bold feature of our face. And overall look depends on eyemakeup. Always use good eye cream. Some good ones are as mentioned below:

Artistry eye cream

Estee Lauder eye cream

Clinique eye cream

Mac eye cream

Bobbi brown eye cream

These are magical eye creams which can give you peppy results.

2. Eye Primer :

Second step is to apply Moisturizing eye primer on and around eyes. Eye primer protect and keep the moisturiser intact for hours and hours in skin on and around eyes and it protects makeup to sink in fine lines.

3. Creamy eyeshadows:

Using powder eyeshadows will give fine lines more projection. Use creamy eyeshadows. Which will moisturise and will glow more, giving you a subtle and glowy look. Some beautiful shades which you can try are:



Keep eye makeup soft always. Avoid doing bold eyes.

4. Mascara

Never forget applying mascara for giving a finished look to your eyes. It is the best way to give an open look to your eyes. Go for volumising mascara.

Some good ones are:

Maybelline lash sensational mascara

Mac in Extreme dimension 3D mascara

Loreal Paris volume million lashes mascara

Mac bold & bad lash mascara

Maybelline hyper curl mascara

Colorbar duo mascara

Lotus makeup maxlash volumising mascara

5. Concealer:

Always conceal and correct eyes. Use orange shade to cover under eye circles. Tap with fingers after applying concealer. Avoid using brushes. Finger application is best for saggy skin which has fine lines. Don’t ever apply foundation on eyes and also around eyes. Use crem base concealer.

Some of the best concealer s which I personally suggest are:

Mac select moisture covercache-cernes concealer

Hope this will sort out your problem of ageing eye look and will give you a young attraction to your eyes.

Happy makeup beautiful !!!

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