Instant radiant glow-potion that your skin needs

Radiant glow on face is everybody’s dream. It’s not only makeup which glitters out face, Makeup also looks good only when you have radiant skin inside. Healthy Facial skin canvas is overall responsible for the kind of look you will get after makeup.
Celebrities do a lot for skin treatments for keeping it radiant then only they glow that much that we get inspired with their looks. Makeup is 30% it’s about your skin the balance 70% configuration on which your looks depends. This is on demand so today I am sharing my secret Santa to instant glow face packs based on skin types:

For oily skin:

1) Egg mask
Take one egg, separate it’s yellow part. Pour white part in a bowl and stir it till it becomes a smoothy. Now apply it on your face and keep it for good 20 minutes. Now wash face with normal tap water.

The tip here is to use only normal water, don’t use warm or hot water.

After rinsing face, wipe with clean towel by just tapping on to skin, don’t scrub face.
Now apply rose water. And you are ready with a radiant glow.
You will also find tightness on your skin.

It acts as anti ageing mask also.

Now come the dry skin:
2) Banana face pack
BHY pack is boon for dry skin. Banana honey and yogurt carries all ingredients to put back the drained moisture into dry skin.
You just have to mix the below items 1/2 banana
1 spoon yogurt
1 spoon honey
Beat them together and form paste.
Apply with brush and leave for 20 minutes
Wash with normal water.
After wiping and rinsing apply rose water to face.

These tips will glow your skin like anything. Try them and share your comments.

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