Prepping skin for Summer fresh sweat proof makeup

During summer our skin turns out to be oily and makeup becomes patchy. Today I am going to give you some tips to avoid making makeup patchy or cracked.

Rains look lovely but it brings the humidity which spoils many things. And makeup is one of them. What to do when nothing stays during humid weather. And when we sweat and wipe face, makeup wears out and it turns out to be horrible story when you are out for some special event.

Dear beauty, taking few steps before makeup can make your makeup stay longer. Follow the below steps before starting makeup.

1) CLEANING: Prepping your skin is the first step before starting makeup. Cleanse your skin first with oil free cleanser. You can choose any one of the below listed cleansers, either premium brands or any which suits your pocket…

Estee Lauder face wash

Artistry face wash

Neutrogena oil free face wash

Clean and clear face wash

Himalya face wash

Biotique face wash

Or any oil free variant from any brand

I am seriously in love with Artistry face wash as it cleanses skin super clean and it is so smooth and glowy even before moisturizer application.

During summer Estee Lauder face wash is a boon for skin with open pores. Believe me gals just try it for a week and see the difference it creates on your skin. Just love it.

2) MOISTURISING: Second step is Moisturizing skin with good moisturiser but it should be light for summers. Listing few useful ones.

Estee Lauder moisturiser

Clinique dramatically different moisturiser

Nivea oil free moisturiser

Loreal hydrafresh

Or any gel based formula will keep your skin moist and glowy and will absorb excess oils.

One secret tip to add extra glow to your skin is sprinkling cold water on your skin after MOISTURISING.

It adds the ahaaa glow to your skin and after that whatever you apply on your face will be glowing like anything.

In my every post I will be sharing my unique and tested tricks for makeup and beauty. So stay connected and like my posts and Facebook page for more updates.

Stay tuned !!!

And celebrate your beauty…

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